About Warren Moise

A few months after the Class of ‘71 walked off the playing field on June 1, 1971 (its graduation ceremony was held in the football stadium), Warren Moise left Gamecock City to attend the University of South Carolina for a few semesters before dropping out for 10 years. During this gap decade, he became a professional musician, songwriter, music publisher, studio musician, and record producer. He played music, composed songs, and/or recorded with groups such as the Drifters, Maurice Williams, Clifford Curry, Second Nature, and Billy Joe Royal in the 1970s and 1980s, and traveled around the world playing rock ‘n roll with his own group, The Kid. In the mid-1980s, he began recording with the Chairmen of the Board, playing and singing backup on beach music standards such as Carolina Girls.

After admission to the Bar in 1988, Warren taught evidence law and trial advocacy at both of South Carolina’s law schools and has spoken at several South Carolina Judicial Conferences. He’s written a column for the Bar’s South Carolina Lawyer Magazine for 19 years. See www.grimcab.com.

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